Melbourne Studio 0417 534 927 Monday to Saturday by appointment.
Melbourne Studio 0417 534 927 Monday to Saturday by appointment.


Attracting and revealing, necklaces have their own code for desire. Our handmade necklaces are proudly designed and produced in our workshop at Tallulah, Melbourne, Australia. We use precious metals and hand choose beautiful gems and diamonds for our intimate pieces. We also like to cut gems for your unique bespoke creations.

You may purchase a design from our collection below, or contact us for a custom necklace. If any item below is listed as “sold out” we can design and create specifically for you.

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A unique necklace is the perfect accessory
We create handmade necklaces for you, or for the special someone in your life..


Worn high on the neckline, which beautifully accents your neck.

JEWELL Necklace features an elegant single stone and fine chain. It has a brilliant oval cut with blush pink tourmaline stone that’s perfect for so many outfits. We also make this design to order with your preferred gemstone or diamond.

Designer Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a popular and beautiful gift that almost every woman may want in their collection. It’s a classic and timeless piece that adds sophistication to an outfit.

The VIRGINIA Pearl Necklace by Tallulah Melbourne, a classic vogue silk knotted pearl necklace opera length. We can make a length that is preferable by order.

We love this length if wearing it long or doubled up, for a sophisticated look.

Wanting Layers

A modern take on layering, our latest range is here.

STAR pendant is gorgeous, featured in yellow and white gold, also sterling silver. With champagne and white diamonds, emeralds or rubies, the one pendant you never take off

FAITHFUL locket, with I love you and whisperings engraved around the locket, divine and stylish. Made in yellow gold and sterling for the sweetest gift, and a very special someone.

ASH art nouveau inspired, a beautiful shaped pendant with poetry, featuring champagne diamond and engraving, to heighten everyday.

ASIA gem pendant, we love this stacked gem pendant in gold, made to order with your favourite gem colours and shapes, to set you beautifully apart.

Gems and Colour

Your favourite colour is available in a gemstone. Sapphire comes in every hue as does tourmaline, Red can be found in Ruby, garnet, tourmaline, and spinel.

JESSA pendant. Features a Rhodolite stone, a variety of garnet, a beautiful fine red of 7.52ct, with exquisite cutting, handmade in 18ct gold with a lovely 18ct gold chain

GAIANNE pendant features a fine pink Morganite in a tear shape, Pink is available in sapphire, garnet and also Kunsite for something different, we also make this pendant hanging from different angles..for a modern take.

Monogram Pendants

We love to make these pendants with diamonds or gems set, gorgeous reminders for our important people or occasions.

Birthstone Pendants

Whether it’s a pearl, ruby, emerald, it represents a month or your birth. Check out what you or your loved ones birthstone is, we have the list under our Gemstone collection, have a necklace perfectly made to highlight it.

Long Chain Pendants

These are often included in layered necklaces to add more length to the layer. A design that is made to order for something unique and bespoke.

Unique and elegant, to have a necklace made perfectly for you we are always here to help create your custom necklace in our Melbourne CBD jewellery store.