Melbourne Studio 0417 534 927 Monday to Saturday by appointment.
Melbourne Studio 0417 534 927 Monday to Saturday by appointment.

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Tallulah Studio was opened in 2006 by jewellery designer Rebecca Sampson, located in the creative hub of Melbourne CBD. Rebecca's mission was to offer her passionate clientele a unique experience in the world of fine jewellery.

With over 25 years of jewellery making experience, Rebecca can custom make your dream piece. Rebecca is a qualified gemmologist with the Australian Gemmological Association and a certified diamond grader and Valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. Rebecca is a fellow of the gold and silversmiths guild of Australia.

Experience Tallulah.  Be inspired by the online collection or visit in store. Alternatively for something special book a one on one consultation with Rebecca to talk more about the custom jewellery you would like.

Tallulah Melbourne
Level 1, 28 Block Place
Melbourne CBD 3000
mobile phone: +61417 534 927

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Tallulah Melbourne

L1/28 Block Place 
Melbourne, Australia 

Mobile - 0417 534927

Mon - Sat by appointment 
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Blue Gemstones - What’s the Best One for You?

Blue Gemstones - What’s the Best One for You?

Jewellery is a classic piece of art. It’s timeless and can outlive generations. Thus, when choosing the stone colour of your jewellery, you should ask yourself, “What colours would you treasure always?”

One of the most timeless colours is blue. In jewellery, this colour is especially mesmerising. It has a wide range of hues in a beautiful intensity. Owning a blue gemstone is a fine investment and a good idea.
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Three Steps in Choosing the Best Pearls

Choosing the right pearl can be particularly challenging – even to those with an eye for beauty. Pearls are elegant and stylish and made up into jewellery pieces that can complement almost any outfit.

With the overwhelming choices out there, do you know how to choose and buy the right pearls? If you’re looking at pearls as your next investment, this post will help you choose the right type of pearl.
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Getting to Know Tourmaline

Getting to Know Tourmaline

Coming from the Sri Lankan word that translates to "mixed stone," tourmaline comes from a group of mixed minerals rather than being derived from a single one. The complexity in colour on each tourmaline gemstone stems from the variety of different chemical properties. Some tourmaline gemstones even come in more than one unique colour.

The beautiful thing about tourmalines is that their colour can be hugely dependent on the light source that it reflects when finely cut. This means that it can look completely different under different light sources.
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